Arakoon National Park camping trip – Easter 2014

We just returned home from a lovely week long camping trip to Arakoon National Park. It’s up the coast about 5 hours drive north of Sydney, in a town named South West Rocks.

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I’d planned this a few months ago with our friend Elaine Pang. We booked adjoining campsites in the National Park campground and the plan was for our families to meet there on Saturday the 12th of April. For us, that’s the first day of a two week break between terms for Heather’s school. For Elaine’s family it’s the second week of their Easter school holidays as they live in another state (Queensland).

Anyway, that was the plan. Unfortunately, it didn’t end up that way. Their car’s clutch decided to burn out about half way along their 6 hour drive. They got stuck in Ballina and were lucky to get a campsite there while they waited for their car to get fixed. They finally arrived on Tuesday and we had a great time with them.

In the meantime, we set up our campsite…
There’s a lot more to tell to this story but it’s getting late so I’ll just post some photos and hopefully finish the story telling tomorrow.

Here are some highlights.

New tent and lots of other additions to our camping experience.

Lots of fun

a few days with rain, but then lovely weather

lots of kangaroos everywhere we went, especially all around our campsite

Lovely beaches and warm clear water we enjoyed swimming in

I took Heather and Brian fishing and Brian caught his first fish!

Great hiking/bush-walking

Heather fell out of a tree while climbing on her own. We took her to where the ambulances park in town and they thought she should go to the emergency room to get it examined. We did that and they took an x-ray and proclaimed it “not broken”! She was back to climbing trees the next day, so, all good.

I took about 1200 pictures and managed to choose 70 odd pics that do a good job of sharing our experiences. Here’s a slideshow below:

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Rainy day at the zoo

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20140216_163158 (1280x960)

20140216_170539 (1280x960)

20140216_172355 (1280x960)

Fun in the sun

We managed to get out early this morning and headed for a lovely Sunday morning on Balmoral Beach.

a_nice_one_T_H_B_IMG_2573 (812x1280)

Fun at the beach with Teresa, Heather and Brian (and Paul behind the camera lens)

Balmoral is about a 15 minute drive from home when there’s not much traffic, as was the case this morning. It was a perfect beach day, sunny and nice and warm with a gentle breeze. We were armed with Heather’s new (from a yard sale) surfboard, Teresa’s boogie board, snorkeling gear for Heather and myself, and a bag full of sand toys.

Heather was game to try out her new foam surfboard and did very well paddling it and catching some small waves (with a bit of a push from Daddy). We even got Brian out on Teresa’s boogie board and considering he’s barely three and can’t swim, he did really well, catching some small waves as well (also with a bit of help from Daddy). :)

Heather and I got out for a bit of snorkeling while Teresa and Brian strolled down the beach. A bit later on we all walked out to the point to check out the beautiful swirly rocks and look for anemones and other creatures in the tidal pools.

After the beach, we headed to Yum Cha for a well deserved afternoon feast. I worked mine off a bit later on with a bike ride to Chatswood and back.

All in all, a perfect way to spend a Sunday.

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a_nice_one_Heather_and_Brian_IMG_2446 (1280x853)

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a_nice_one_Brian_IMG_2465 (1280x853)

a_nice_one_Brian_IMG_2550 (1280x853)

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A very happy third birthday to our wonderful son, Brian!

Three years ago this morning, our son Brian joined our family and has been warming our hearts ever since. We celebrated today with a yum cha lunch with a few of his friends and their families, followed by the lot of us heading down to Luna Park to ride the rides and play the games along the midway. What  a great day!

Brian and Logan on the Luna Park ferris wheel

Brian and Logan on the Luna Park ferris wheel

Brian Logan and Christian

Brian Logan and Christian

Darth Vader cake by Teresa

Darth Vader cake by Teresa

Family snap with Luna Bob and Luna Belle

Family snap with Luna Bob and Luna Belle

Luna Park Midway

Luna Park Midway

Follow me to Luna Park

Follow me to Luna Park

Brian and Christian

Brian and Christian

The Birthday Boy

The Birthday Boy




Big sister Heather, reading a book to Brian. :)

Big sister Heather, reading a book to Brian. :)